• Left on Tenth

    New York Times Best Seller


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    If you are in Manhattan, traveling downtown on Fifth Avenue or Seventh Avenue, you can turn only left on Tenth Street. It’s a one-way street, west to east. Left on Tenth is my way home. I was left on Tenth when my husband died, and after that, life took many left turns. Some perilous, some wondrous. This book is about all of them.


  • Sister Mother Husband Dog (etc.)


    A Memoir

    Early praise for Sister Mother Husband Dog:

    The book builds in gravity and heft to finish gorgeously...“Sister Mother Husband Dog” is a valentine, sometimes frilly but more memorably about love, loss and all that is irreplaceable.
    New York Times Book Review


    Gripping and emotionally raw...
    Los Angeles Times Book Review

    "Sister Mother Husband Dog is funny, heartbreaking, and inspiring all at once"
    —Publisher's Weekly

    "Ephron's keen observations about family, friends, work and life’s small indignities and deep sorrows leave readers laughing out loud one moment and tearing up the next...
    A witty and often profound look at human behavior and all its absurdities, contradictions, obsessions and phobias."
    —KIRKUS reviews

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